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A Chef’s Tour: Bangkok Backstreet Food Tasting Tour

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Don’t leave the fate of your taste buds to chance… go straight for Bangkok’s culinary jugular. Join Chef Nutth on his epic nightly food feast around the city’s maze of alleys to taste hidden street eats you’d never find alone. Trust us, the pad Thai on Khao San Road is nothing to write home about. Gorge on lemongrass infused mussels, rich peanut satay with grilled coconut chicken and ajat relish, the finest Thai curry in the city and over a dozen more lip-smackingly good things at some of the best places to eat in Bangkok.

Kicking off as the afternoon cools, eat your way through the labyrinth of backstreets on the best Bangkok Chinatown food tour, ending on a sugary high along the main strip of Yaowarat Road in all its neon glory.

*Sorry veggies, this one isn’t for you, try our Old Market Hidden Street Eats tour.
*Street food vendors take time off too, so we can’t promise every tour will be the same, but fear not, the night will always be packed with good stuff. 

What’s Included:

4-hour guided walk through the backstreets of Yaowarat

Tastings of the best street food in Bangkok

Great photo opportunities

Refreshing Thai drinks and water

Fully licensed guide (who’s also a chef)

Limited to just 8 exclusive guests each day

Learn about the history and culture of Thai cuisine

The Guide:

Nutth is a foodie, restaurateur, chef, and licensed guide with a passion for Thai cuisine and knows where to eat in Bangkok. He’s been in the game for over 20 years and what he doesn’t know about Thai food isn’t worth knowing. Join him on his epic nightly Bangkok Chinatown food tour.

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One Response to A Chef’s Tour: Bangkok Backstreet Food Tasting Tour

  1. Food Tour Finder June 12, 2018 at 11:05 pm #

    Chef Nutth grew up in Bangkok’s Chinatown, where he learned about the best street food in the neighborhood’s hidden back alleys. He led us on an amazing tour to some stalls and carts that we would never have been able to find on our own. In some cases, vendors had been selling their specialty food for 50 years! Much of the food is a blend of Chinese and Thai cuisine that morphed together over many years. We had satay, dumplings, curry, noodle soup, local drinks, and much, much more.

    When our group took an interest in some unusual fruit (snake fruit!) a vendor was selling, Chef Nutth got some for us to try, even though it wasn’t part of the tour. We also sat down at one of the neighborhood’s famous seafood restaurants for oyster omelet, seafood hot pot and mussels. The tour ended with three fantastic dessert stops: soy sauce soft-serve ice cream, amazing warm Chinese donuts that you dip in pandan custard, and mango sticky rice. The tour advertises 17 tastes, but I think our tour group got even more.

    One thing to be prepared for is a wait to be seated at the seafood restaurant. We had to hang out for about 20 minutes before our group got a table. It’s a fascinating scene, though, watching the chefs cook and checking out the crowds on the street.

    Some of the places we visited looked pretty funky – but my friend and I ate everything and had no problems whatsoever. Chef Nutth was well-organized and took great care of the entire group. Because most of the vendors are very busy, you don’t have the chance to really talk with them, as happens on some food tours, but Chef Nutth has a lot of expertise and told some of their stories. Being a Thai, he’s rather reserved, although happy to explain things if you ask questions. His English is excellent, too.

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