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Dash Around Tours: The Kissimmee Kulinary Dash

Become a ‘local’ with Dash Around Tours and discover a hidden secret: Kissimmee’s international food truck scene!

For years local residents have come to the south Orlando/Kissimmee area to find the best in food truck fare, now you can too! We visit a variety of food trucks on this Dash sampling their flavorful offerings of food and drink at each one! We begin in historic Downtown Kissimmee, Florida and discuss it’s growth from cow town to tourist town to an international melting pot destination. You’ll get a good taste of the Caribbean and South American on this Dash as well as meet the operators of the trucks and hear their stories.

Peruvian, Colombian, Puerto Rican and Dominican and Venezuelan are just a few of the cuisines prepared fresh to order at Kissimmee’s food trucks. See what’s on the menu as we visit, one right after another, these fascinating food carts owned and operated by local area residents.

As you sample the food and drinks, learn the process of operating the trucks, permitting and inspections and even a visit with the owners discovering their stories. (Sample listing is for example only. Food and/or beverage samples vary by availability and are not guaranteed.)

Arepas – a dish made of ground corn dough or cooked flour, popular in Colombia, Venezuela and other Spanish-speaking countries. It can be topped or filled with meat, eggs, tomatoes, salad, cheese, shrimp, or fish
Pinchos – Beef, chicken or pork skewered on a ‘pincho’ (Spanish for spike). Usually eaten in bars or taverns as a snack while visiting with friends or relatives.
Mofongo – The national dish of Puerto Rico. A mashed mound of fried green plantains into which a combination of seafood, meat, or vegetables are added.
Carnitas – Literally “little meats”, is a type of braised or roasted (after first being simmered) pork in Mexican cuisine. It can be a dish by itself, or as an ingredient in tamales, tacos, tortas, and burritos.
Tripleta – This sandwich is similar to a Cuban sandwich but is more meat-packed and with a Puerto Rican twist. A tripleta mixes chicken, pork, and beef together in a single sandwich.
Cachapas – A traditional Venezuelan dish made from corn pancakes filled with cheese popular at roadside stands.

Food samples may also include: empanadas, Inca kola, pepitos, jugos, quipes, frituras, quesadillas

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream! We stop at a locally owned ice cream parlor that features handmade liquid nitrogen ice cream. It’s definitely the coolest stop on this Dash! Watch as the ice cream is made right in front of you as the frosty supercooled nitrogen mixes with the cream making a delicious and unique treat!

To whet your appetite, we take a Dash lap of Downtown Kissimmee and discuss its growth from rural cattle ranching community to an international tourism destination.

Time: 3 hours


Adults (ages 18 and over) and
Children (ages 10 – 17): $ 60.00 + $3.90
(6.5% FL tax) = $63.90 total per person
Children under 10 not accepted

More info and reservations

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