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Delhi Food Tours: Lunch Discovery Package – New Delhi, India

Delhi Food Tours (DFT) provides customized food tours that give you opportunity to explore a variety of Indian cuisines as they can only be found in the local eateries of New Delhi. Each tour consists of tastings at 4-6 different restaurants along with a Tea Tasting conducted under the guidance of a professional tea taster. The idea is to experience food from across India within the geographical confines of New Delhi.

DFT offers both lunch and dinner tours that are available 7 days a week.

Unlike typical tour companies, DFT conducts tours for groups of 2-8 people per meal with a minimum of one food guide per 4 people. Thanks to our focus on small groups; tours are customized on the basis of spice tolerance, allergies, and sensitivities of each guest. All tours are conducted by Prashant and/or Ayesha personally (refer to the ‘Meet the Foodaholics’ page).

The fixed price of Rs. 4,000 (US$80) per person includes unlimited food, soft drinks, bottled water, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and transport (subject to location).

On this lunch tour, we take you on a culinary journey through Delhi’s best street food joints. You can expect to experience lunch like a true Delhiite. What we have in store for you includes canteen style express South Indian food, delicate kababs from North Western India cooked slowly on a charcoal grill, Delhi’s famous butter chicken and Dal Makhani, sinful biryani cooked and served in sealed claypots, vegetarian snacks from West India and Sweets from everywhere!

How much you can eat is entirely up to you. We recommend eating a little bit at each place to save space so that you can experience as many places as possible.

This tour takes approximately 2-3 hours. Subject to your location, we will pick you up at 12:30 PM.

Pick up/drop from within South and Central Delhi (except Karol Bagh): This tour costs Rs. 4000 per person which is approximately US$ 80. This includes transport, food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Pick up/drop from anywhere in Gurgaon or Noida: This tour costs Rs. 5500 per person which is approximately US$ 105. This includes transport, food and non-alcoholic drinks.

The fixed price includes unlimited food, soft drinks, bottled water, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and transport (subject to location).

Guidelines for the tours:

  • All prices include transport. If you are staying within South or Central Delhi (except Karol Bagh) or taking the Gurgaon/Noida package, the car/van will pick you up from your hotel, be with you for the entire duration of your tour and then drop you back to your hotel:  If you are staying elsewhere, we will pick you up from and drop you to a mutually agreed pick up point.
  • All tours will be conducted by Prashant and/or Ayesha.
  • Skipping the preceding meal is highly advisable.
  • Dress code applicable for Standard Lunch, Standard Dinner and Lunch outside Delhi: Ladies are requested to dress conservatively. Shorts, short skirts and spaghetti straps are to be avoided. Elastic is highly recommended across all packages.
  • There are no limits on the number of people we can cater to on a given package. However all packages can be arranged on an exclusive and private basis at an extra cost, if there are no previous bookings for that date.
  • We encourage you to help us serve you better. Please do let us know if you have any preferences/allergies/dislikes well in advance so that we can mould the tour around you. We try to customize and tailor the packages to our clients’ tastes, so please do speak to us and tell us what you expect or prefer.

DISCLAIMER: The owners of www.delhifoodtours.com do not accept any responsibility or liability for any adverse medical condition whatsoever arising out of the items consumed on tours. Any and all consumption of items is entirely at the risk of the person consuming them. Medical insurance is advisable while travelling. Sensitivities or allergies to any kind of food are to be advised in advance.

More info & reservations

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Zest Food Tours: Martinborough Food and Wine Producers Tour – New Zealand

Our luxury Martinborough food and wine tour is for two to four guests only, for a relaxed and personal experience. This gourmet tour takes us by car with your Zest driver/guide around the small towns of the south Wairarapa: exploring the pretty historical township of Greytown and the celebrated Martinborough wine village. Our focus is both fine food and wine, as we savour tastes of both from specialty producers. We’ll go where few visitors can, up close, meeting innovative people dedicated to being the very best they can be with their premium boutique brands. In a beautiful pastoral setting, big skies and open spaces give way to small, attractive Victorian townships with their own charm. Naturally, our delicious three course tasting lunch is matched with premium Martinborough wines, possibly from the very vines we can see from the table.

Tour Details

Daily by arrangement, including pick up and return from an agreed central Wairarapa location or local train, 9.30am – 4:00pm weekdays and 11am – 5.15pm weekends.

Available year round except for public holidays. Ask about Wellington train connections.

Rate NZ $369 per person all inclusive for 2 to 4 guests. Minimum 2, maximum 4 guests.
As our tour minimum is 2 guests, if you wish to make a single booking please click here to enquire before going further. We will reply by email within 12 hours.

Staying in Wellington?
f you are staying in Wellington, which is just 1.25 hrs from Martinborough, we suggest taking the train up to the region for the start of your tour.  We can deliver return train tickets to you wherever you are staying in central Wellington the day before your tour, with a letter and clear directions about which train to take. Our local Zest Guide will meet your guests at Featherston train station.

Mon-Fri: Train departs Wellington Railway Station at 8.25am and arrives at Featherston Railway Station at 9.22am.
On return the train departs Featherston at 4.20pm, arriving in Wellington at 5.19pm

Sat –Sun: Train departs Wellington Railway Station at 9.55am and arrives at Featherston Railway Station at 10.52am
On return the train departs Featherston at 5.26pm, arriving in Wellington at 6.25pm

Rate: NZ $35 per person

More info & reservations


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Israel Food Tours: Ramle – Superb ethnic cuisine in and underprivileged and under-appreciated city

Trip Itinerary

·        Pick up from hotel**
·        Tour through the Ramle market, the region’s largest, and discover vegetables and herbs found nowhere else in the central region.
·        Taste some of the best bourekas in all of Israel and possibly the region’s best hummus
·        Have lunch at a very authentic Jewish-Indian eatery and learn about the Jewish-Indian community in Israel.
·        Tour some of Ramle’s historic sights including the impressive underground cisterns
·        Drive back to hotel

For those wishing to visit an area that is truly off-the-beaten track, the Ramle tour is ideal for you. Ramle is an underdeveloped city compared to most of the other communities in the central region of Israel. For this reason it has been neglected, touristically, despite offering some very important historic sights and delicious foods to taste. On this tour we will visit one of region’s largest and most authentic markets, Ramle Market. There will be tastings of the excellent bourekas and hummus that Ramle has to provide and discover vegetables and herbs you can’t find anywhere else in the region. After lunch at a traditional Jewish-Indian eatery we will tour some of the fascinating and overlooked historic sights that Ramle has to offer.

*Itinerary will vary based on the group’s requests and availability of activities.
**Participants must be based in the Tel Aviv area. We will not pick up and drop off participants outside of the Tel Aviv area.

 More info and reservations

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Israeli Food Tour: Galil – Eating local and sustainable, Traditional Galilean Food

Trip Itinerary

·        Pick up from the hotel**
·        Drive to the Kibbutz
·        Breakfast in the organic vegetable farm
·        Tour of the organic vegetable farm, organic dairy farm, and volunteer work in the fields
·        Lunch at the organic Kibbutz restaurant
·        Drive to Nazareth
·        Tour of the city’s markets, tasting of the city’s famous sweets, and tour of a 100 year old spice factory
·        Dinner at the highly rated Nazareth restaurant
·        Drive back to the hotel

In the Galil we will visit locations that highlight regional cuisine, and offer a look into Israeli sustainable eating practices. On this trip we head to a Kibbutz that specializes in organic food products to understand the importance of Kibbutz agricultural in Israel’s history. We will have a tour of the farm, even work on the farm a little, and have an excellent organic and vegetarian lunch. From the Kibbutz we travel to the historically important city of Nazareth to gain insight into Arab-Israeli cuisine. You will be exposed to the famous pastries and sweets of Nazareth, take in the smells of a spice mill factory, and enjoy an excellent dinner.*Itinerary will vary based on the group’s requests and availability of activities.

**Participants must be based in the Tel Aviv area. We will not pick up and drop off participants outside of the Tel Aviv area.
This tour requires a minimum of four participants and is offered upon request.

More info and reservations

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Israel Food Tours: Negev Region – Thriving Desert Agriculture, from Nabataean Times to the Present

Trip Itinerary

·        Pick up from hotel**
·        Drive to the Negev region
·        Tour and cheese tasting at leading Goat Cheese farms in the region.
·        Tour and wine tasting at boutique vineyards in the middle of the desert.
·        Lunch at a boutique vineyard with food typical to the region.
·        Easy walk in Avdat National Park.
·         We will visit ancient Nabataean ruins and discuss ancient Nabataean agricultural technologies.
·        Dinner with a Bedouin family and discussion of Bedouin culinary practices
·        Drive back to hotel
On this tour we will focus on the similarities between thousands of year’s old agricultural practices and modern ones seen today. We will visit a variety of goat cheese farms, boutique vineyards, tour a UNESCO heritage site, and explore the culinary traditions of the Bedouin.

*Itinerary will vary based on the group’s requests and availability of activities.

**Participants must be based in the Tel Aviv area. We will not pick up and drop off participants outside of the Tel Aviv area.

This tour requires a minimum of four participants and is offered upon request.

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Israel Food Tours: Jerusalem and the Ella Valley – Culinary Exploration of the Region

Trip Itinerary

·        Pick up from hotel
·        Drive to Jerusalem
·        Shuk Mahane Yehuda scavenger hunt followed by breakfast
·        Authentic Moroccan food and workshop, vin
·        Tour of ancient agricultural terraces in Sataf – just outside of Jerusalem
·        Tour and wine tasting of a boutique vineyard in the Judean Hills
·        Shopping at Israel’s premier Israeli foods and spices store
·        Drive back to hotel
On this tour we will visit some of the best food sites in the Jerusalem and Ella Valley region. We will start the tour by  finding different foods in the city’s main market and having breakfast. This is followed by an authentic Moroccan lunch where we will help prepare our lunch. A visit to Sataf will demonstrate some of the ancient agricultural practices of the region before we visit one of the newest and most modern vineyards in the country.

*Itinerary will vary based on the group’s requests and availability of activities.
**This tour requires a minimum of four people, and is offered upon request.

More info and reservations

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Israel Food Tours: Tel Aviv-Yafo – Co-existence of the ancient and modern

Trip Itinerary

·        Meet at the landmark Yafo Clocktower
·        Tour through Yafo via its food with and taste the country’s best hummus
·        Tour through the Yemenite quarter and Shuk HaCarmel
·        Lunch at the most authentic and tastiest Yemenite  eatery in Tel Aviv
·        Bauhaus Architecture Tour – UNESCO World Heritage Site
·        Learn about Tel Aviv’s entrenched café culture with a break for coffee
·        Drive back to hotel**

By examining Tel Aviv and Yafo from a culinary lens you will discover how the ancient and modern culinary traditions of the country live side by side and even feed off of each other. The day starts in the ancient city of Yafo as we examine the culinary highlights of the area. We will then stop for coffee and discuss the city’s famous coffee culture. Moving towards Tel Aviv we tour the city’s main market and the Yemenite quarter, known for its small family owned restaurants, and have taste food at the best Yemenite eatery in the city. The tours continues as we take walking tour to learn a little about the Bauhaus architectural style that has led to Tel Aviv’s UNESCO World Heritage status.  The tour begins in the morning and ends in the late afternoon/early evening.

*Itinerary will vary based on the group’s requests and availability of activities.
**Participants must be based in the Tel Aviv area. We do not drop off participants outside of the Tel Aviv area.

More info and reservations

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Bangkok Food Tours: Yaowarat Night Foodie Walk (Bangkok Chinatown) – Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for a foodie adventure at night?

Bangkok’s Chinatown, known as Yaowarat by Thais, is always Bangkokians’ favorite dinner destination. Why??? Well, it’s difficult to explain in words as the real experience actually comes with the TASTE! That’s the reason we’d love to invite you to join our delicious adventure at night, THE YAOWARAT NIGHT FOODIE WALK & CULTURE TOUR.

This tour brings you to discover sophisticated flavors of Bangkok 200-year-old district that is filled with rich ethnic tradition & delicious food. During the tour you will walk to explore & taste local cuisines from 7 famous eateries, varied from street food vendors to renowned fine dining restaurants. Between each tasting location, you will take behind-the-scene adventure for a closer look of this uniqe neighborhood: meeting the food bazaar’s lively characters, hearing its memorable stories, and visiting religious and cultural landmarks. It’s our goal to provide you with a delicious and unique adventure that will highlight your Bangkok trip with the most memorable experience! We plan, you Explore, Eat and Enjoy! Our tour is simply a foodie’s dream come true!

Follow the Wolf Pack

Bangkok’s Chinatown was recently featured as a key scene in a Hollywood hit the Hangover Part II. If you love to see the Wolf Pack’s Thailand trail, there is no better way than joining our food walks! Check for the recent CNNgo article as they feature our Chinatown Foodie Walk as part of the Hangover Part II movie tour.

What is included ?

3.5 hours of fun & savory

8 tasting locations, 11+ delicious samples (enough for full dinner )

Interactive & informative guided walking tour, including visits at local landmarks. Read Tour review

Use of state-of-the-art audio equipment during the tour

Over 20 years of research & experience on Thai food & culture. Visit our blog thaifoodinsider.com

Gratuities are not included but are highly appreciated

Our Yaowarat Food Tour includes samples of …

    • Dim Sum ( Crab Stick Wrapped with Seaweed, Green Shumai Shrimp)
    • Old Chinese Herbal Drink
    • Chinese Bun
    • Guay Jab (Rolled Noodle in a Peppery Soup)
    • Old Fashion Lychee Ice cream
    • Thai Tropical Fruit
    • Charcoal Grilled Jumbo Prawn with Thai seafood sauce
    • Succulent Fried Duck’s Cheeks
    • Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Tea

Weather Condition: Tour takes place rain or shine

Group size: Min 2 people, Max 6 people

Meeting point: Exit 4 Hua LamPhong MRT (subway) Station (See Directions). Pick Up option is also available

Ending point: We drop you off at your accommodation in Bangkok

How much?

Standard Ticket : 1300 Baht (~$46)
Child Ticket (Age 12 and under): 1050 Baht (~$37)

More info and reservations

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Vancouver Food Tour: Salt Spring Island Food Tour

Explore BC’s most prized Gulf Island, renown for its spectacular natural scenery, organic wineries and farms, vibrant art culture, and outdoor adventures. On this leisurely tour, indulge in Salt Spring Island’s famed wines, cheeses, mussels, oysters, and much more.

Guests can either meet the guides on the Island, or meet Melody at the docks in Downtown, Vancouver. A float plane will take guests on a picturesque ride and arrive at Salt Spring within half an hour.

Upon gathering the group and dropping off our bags, we’re off to our first delectable destination! We first take a tour of the famed Salt Spring Island Cheese farm, followed by a trip to an artisan baker better known as “The Bread Lady”. Saturday guests are treated to an extra detour to the eclectic Farmer’s Market.

Next, we cruise to Salt Spring’s only organic winery for a tour and a guided wine tasting. Upon deciding your favourite wine, let’s take several carafes onto the patio that over looks the winery. Guests are invited dive into their chef-prepared picnic baskets, filled with organic and local fare.

After the picnic with wine-pairings, we head down to a unique organic farm that supplies the attached restaurant. The farmer shares his strategic techniques to yield an array of produce to feed the entire establishment. We then experience the farmed goods, along with renowned Salt Spring Island Mussels on the airy restaurant patio.

A Salt Spring Island tour is not complete until guests savour freshly shucked Salt Spring oysters while overlooking the waters, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. Our tour wraps up with some squeezing of lemon, grating of fresh horseradish, and a whole lot of slurping.

As we say our farewells, the guides will help guests arrange transportation or accommodations.

[ Pre-register now: spaces will fill up quickly]

Tour Includes:

  • All meals, food, and samplings
  • Fun and informative guided tour with transportation
  • Drinks: Wine tasting and pairing and 1 pint of Salt Spring Island craft beer
    • Gratuities to your guide are highly appreciated

Time: 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Price: $199 CDN per person without flight or $259 CDN per person with flight

Meeting Spot: On Salt Spring Island or Downtown, Vancouver. Exact location provided upon confirmation

More info

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Travel with Taste: Culinary Escape to Salt Spring Island, BC

This is a very special getaway to quaint and colorful Salt Spring Island. Start the day with an early morning ferry ride and get away to the real island life. Visit with the entrepreneurs that make Salt Spring a favorite delectable island; a baker, a cheesemaker, and a wine maker. Lunch at the exclusive Hastings House where Chef Marcel Kauer and team will prepare a private lunch to enjoy overlooking the ocean and pastoral views. Please inquire for dates, timing and prices.

More info

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