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Parrilla Tour – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Parrillas are Argentine steakhouses offering the most traditional cuisine. Most visitors to Buenos Aires only dine at the most touristy parrillas published in guidebooks and sadly miss out on some of the city’s most delicious gems. To experience and taste authentic Porteño flavors, join us on our Parrilla Tour, to discover local hole-in-the wall restaurants, learn about Argentina’s culture and cuisine, and meet others during the relaxed and social tour.

The Parrilla Tour includes:

  • Walking tour of 3 different authentic local parrillas and restaurants 
  • Tasting traditional foods at each stop and excellent Argentine wine
  • English explanations of the food sampled along with the history of the neighborhood
  • Visit to one of the best artisanal “heladerias” (ice cream shops) in the city

Palermo – Our Palermo tour centers around the Las Cañitas section of Palermo, a neighborhood  known for its beautiful tree lined avenues, historic polo fields, and burgeoning culinary and nightlife scene.  On this route we begin at a classic parrilla filled with soccer fanatics known for it’s choripan.  Next, we visit a casa de empanadas to try some of our favorite handmade empanadas, before moving on to enjoy some of the best meat and service in the city at a historic and hidden parrilla famous among locals, and finally finishing at an incredible artisanal “heladeria” (ice cream shop).

The Palermo tour is conducted every Tuesday and Friday beginning at 12 pm (noon) and lasts 3 hours.

San Telmo – The San Telmo tour is for those visitors who love historic architecture, classic parrillas filled with working class Porteños, and have a desire for a little adventure.  We begin near the Mercado de San Telmo and try some of the best empanadas in the city.  Next, we walk down the street to one of the most authentic Buenos Aires parrillas to try classic parrilla foods and wine, before ending the afternoon at a delicious heladeria known for their selection of homemade ice cream flavors.

The San Telmo tour is conducted every Wednesday and Saturday beginning at 1 pm and lasts 3 hours.

Advanced booking is required. 

Price: US$69

More info and reservations

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Buenos Aires Food Tours: La Recoleta Food Tour – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta is the city’s posh barrio, with fashionable boutiques, cafes and unique restaurants crafting some of the most tastiest cuisine in the city. Learn your way through this neighborhood on our three hour walking culinary tour. We will stroll down tree-lined streets and stop for delicious bites – while witnessing the wonderfully artisan food as you learn about the history of the area.

Start your culinary journey at a world-known place called “El Sanjuanino” located within walking distance of the famous Recoleta Cemetery, the Plaza San Martin and Patio Bullrich Mall.  El Sanjuanino was founded in the 1950′s and it’s a favorite among locals who come here for their regional tamales, stews, and other traditional Argentine dishes. We will savor their juicy empanadas paired with a classic Argentine wine.

Continue walking to a cantina-style restaurant that has one of the largest selections of traditional dishes and is rated among the top must-try restaurants in the neighborhood by local foodies. We will taste a variety of dishes such as their classic milanesa, BBQ and homemade Spanish tortilla.

As we walk along famous landmarks in the neighborhood and learn about the area culture and history, we will end with a sweet note and stop to enjoy a special Dulce de Leche ice cream and a cafesito.

*food tastings and stops subject to change without notice

Price: U$S 85 per person (VAT, all food and drinks included in price)
When: Daily available upon request
12:30 PM
Tour Duration: approx. 3 hours
Meeting point: Central point in Recoleta (exact location disclosed on confirmation email)
Weather & Dress: Tour takes place rain or shine. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

More info & reservations

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Buenos Aires Food Tours: San Telmo Food Tour – Buenos Aires, Argentina

San Telmo is characterized by cafes and restaurants, tango parlors, art galleries and antique shops lining its old cobbled streets, and is a must-visit for anybody coming to Buenos Aires.  San Telmo is a hive of activity and it’s alive with musicians and street performers dancing tango at all hours of the day.  Our local foodie guide will lead you to the enchanting gems of small coffee houses and food parlors that serve some of the most delicious foods – while learning about the history and architecture of the area.

This is a very traditional part of the city, with courtyards and side-streets where you are likely to come across an old café serving fabulous Malbec wine and delicious empanadas. Of course you can’t eat and drink all day (at least not without changing shape), so we will also visit antique boutiques and stores and take in the very Argentinean style of culture that makes San Telmo what it is: a traditional barrio offering exceptional cuisine, superb wine and great shopping – but where do you go? That’s where we come in.

You will see a side of Buenos Aries that few tourists ever will. Our Culinary tour of San Telmo is one that should not be missed.

*food tastings and stops subject to change without notice

Price: U$S 75 per person (all food and drinks included in price)
When: Tuesdays and Fridays
*Daily private tours available upon request and subject to availability
12:30 PM
Tour Duration: approx. 3 hours
Meeting point: San Telmo (exact location disclosed on confirmation email)
Weather & Dress: Tour takes place rain or shine. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

More info & reservations

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Buenos Aires Food Tours: La Boca – Buenos Aires, Argentina

We cover NON-touristy places to savor some of the best local cuisine in the area. Go behind the scenes and discover El Barrio de La Boca best secret restaurants!

A Buenos Aires culinary tour in which your guide takes you to local favorites – visiting eateries and restaurants to taste traditional Argentine cuisine while you learn about the history and architecture of the area.

Our itinerary is your menu:

We will try a succulent Fugazzeta paired with the appropriate Argentine wine at a landmark in the neighborhood. The family opened the doors in 1932. From Tita Merello to Evita Peron, many have paid tribute to this beloved restaurant for serving the best fugazzeta in Buenos Aires. Next, we make a stop at a classic Parrilla to learn about the ingredients and culture behind the foods and savor an Argentine classic paired with Malbec wine. Then we will taste some of the best empanadas “cortadas a cuchillo” paired with wines from the Salta region. And as sweets come at the end, we will end our food tour over a cafesito with homemade sweets.

The barrio of La Boca is strongly European, particularly Italian with many of the original residents Genoese. It is situated close to the old port, to the southeast of the city, a working class barrio and it is home to Maradonna’s old beloved club, Boca Juniors.

We are going to experience delicious foods at mom-and-pop type of eateries; authentic Italian, Argentine classics, superb wine, dessert and more . The tango was born in La Boca and the colored houses of Calle Caminito are a must to be seen. You’ll get insiders tips on where to go if you want to return to this picturesque part of the city and what to avoid. Taste some unique dishes and savor fabulous bites.  Given by a local bi-lingual guide in a friendly and casual atmosphere. Join us!

*food tastings and stops subject to change without notice

Price: U$S 75 per person (VAT, all food and drinks included in price)
When: Thursdays
*Daily private tours available upon request and subject to availability

Time: 12:30 pm
Tour Duration: approx. 3 hours
Meeting point: Central point in La Boca (Exact location disclosed with ticket purchase)
Weather & Dress: Tour takes place rain or shine. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

More info & reservations

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Cooking with Teresita: Buenos Aires Food Tour

Food Tour Summary

  • Visit to the Local Bakery to Learn about Argentine Pastries
  • Visit to the Local Outdoor Market
  • Visit to the Local Butcher Shop to Learn about Argentine Meat Cuts
  • Empanada Recipe Demonstration, tasting
  • Exceptional Four Course Meal (we use only the finest ingredients)
  • Argentine Wine Tasting (we present a superb and unique Argentine wine selection)

Arrive to Teresita’s Home – Begin With Visit To The Local Bakery

Arrive to Adrogue, a town buried deep in the Argentine culture. We start our journey by walking to a local bakery for a comprehensive lesson of traditional Argentine pastries and breads. See the variety of facturas (pastres in Castellano), and learn the difference between styles of Medialunas (famous Argentine croissants).

Visit to the local Butcher shop

Interested to know why Argentina is world famous for its beef? We also make a short stop at a local butcher’s shop to learn the various cuts of meat in Argentine.

Visit to a the local outdoor Market

We continue walking to the Adrogue outdoor market, a colorful outdoor food market where locals gather to talk and buy what local farmers bring fresh that morning. For a fantastic source of insider’s information; Teresita will go over the names of different fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, meat cuts, and South American spices throughout the fair. Peak into the Argentine culture and watch what goes on at this very traditional market. Stands go for several blocks and the area is closed to traffic.

The whole scenery is a must see if you are the “foodie” type of traveler; fresh fish, colorful fruits and vegetables, and a wide variety of small stands displaying all kind of spices and herbs is the reason why we choose to bring you here. The food and its creative and cheerful display speaks for itself. There is always more to these type of food markets than produce and artisanal food, it is a true reflection of the Argentine culture. (Duration 30-45 minutes)

*Please note the food market is not a fancy market, it is still unspoiled by the ravages of mass tourism as opposed to food markets you can find in downtown Buenos Aires. It is a place where vendors still sell local produce, and the villagers still smile and greet. You won’t find rows of stores selling French cheese or Italian olive oil. Instead, you will experience the real Argentinean town market. We selected this market because our main purpose of our culinary tours is to bring you closer to our culture.

Empanada Receipe Demonstration

Back to Teresita’s Home for a cooking class demonstration of Empanadas Argentinas. Get a taste of what it feels like to prepare one of the traditional dishes of Argentina surrounded by a warm and casual atmosphere at Teresita’s kitchen. Although not a complete hands on cooking class, Teresita presents an overview of her empanadas secret recipe while she shows the group how to prepare them. Those who want to get into the action, they are welcome to join in the empanada filling. It will give participants the opportunity to watch step by step what is involved in preparing this dish.

We will be stuffing and baking the empanadas while we move to the next step.

Wine Tasting Lunch

Regroup around the table for a Wine Tasting Lunch were we blend premium Argentine wines, fine regional dishes and culture into an educational and entertaining event. Teresita is committed to your education of Argentinean wines. Whether you’re a novice or long-time aficionado, she will deepen your appreciation for wine and food pairing.

Culinary Tour Details:

Price: US $130 per person
Includes: Guided tour of the area in English, Empanada Recipe Demonstration, Average 4-5 glasses of Wine, four course meal.
When: Fridays
Time: 11:00 am – 3:30 pm
Transportation: See details how to get to our location

More information


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