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ChocoMuseo: “From Beans to Bar” Workshop – Cusco, Peru

What does this workshop include?


  • A presentation of cacao, how it grows and is harvested
  • Presentation of the chocolate making process “from beans to bar”


  • Roasting of the cacao beans
  • Cacao Husk removal
  • Grinding of the cacao nibs on a metate with a mano (the way the aztecs did) or with a batang (like Incas here in Peru)
  • Refining and conching of the cacao paste in a melangeur


  • Preparation of a hot chocolate (day’s recipe)
  • Preparation of your own chocolate bar, with your selection of ingredients: almonds, nuts, coffee beans…


  • Tasting of cacao tea
  • Tasting of a hot chocolate (day’s recipe)
  • You can leave with your own handmade chocolate bar and bring it back to your friends and family, 30 min after the end of the workshop

How do I enroll?

Chocolate Workshops can be done everyday at any time.
Just book at least a day in advance (but we always try to be even more flexible):

  • come by: see directions or
  • e-mail us: Yummy@ChocoMuseo.com or
  • call us: (+51) 084 244 765

A minimum of 3 people per workshop is requested. If you are less, we’ll find you a group you can join.

What is the price?

The 2 hour “from beans to bar” workshop costs PEN 70 per person (around USD$25).

More information

You will be lent a ChocoMuseo apron so that you don’t get your clothes dirty.
Chocolate workshops are available for everybody from 8 to 150 years old.

If you have any question about our chocolate workshops, please

  • e-mail us: Yummy@ChocoMuseo.com or
  • call us: (+51) 084 244 765
  • more info here
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