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City Food Tours – In the Steps of a Top Chef

Are you a fan of Top Chef ?  Are you inspired to do more cooking at home or to become a trained chef? Then take this 3 hr. (approx.) walking tour, In the Steps of a Top Chef. (We’ll also jump on the subway for a short ride.)

Visit some of the neighborhoods, shops, restaurants & landmarks that the chefs went to while in NY. Taste some great food, experience things not offered to the public & learn what it’s like to be a chef.

Participate in an interactive challenge and shop like a chef (and enjoy a special discount.)  Learn how to use a variety of knives and have a snack at one of Tom Colicchio’s eateries.

Enjoy a variety of  tastes:

  • Sandwiches at ‘wichcraft
  • Savory snack made by a former cheftestant
  • A Chinatown Treat
  • Artisan Cheese in Little Italy where Leah shopped

Many real-life locations are featured on the tour, including:

  • Where Gail had her bridal shower
  • The location where Carla cooked squab & peas
  • Where the chefs shopped for their challenges
  • The cooking school where they shot during season 3

N.B. This isn’t an authorized or official tour, but it sure is fun! Top Chef is the property of Bravo Media, which is owned by NBC Universal.  City Food Tours is not licensed, approved by or otherwise associated with NBC Universal, or any contestant, judge or any other person responsible for appearing on Top Chef.  The content is assumed to be within the realm of the Public’s Right of “Fair Use” & no copy infringement is intended.

What Is Not Included?

In addition to providing your own transportation to and from the tour, this tour involves taking the subway as part of the tour (price not included in ticket cost). You will need to use a Metrocard. The total cost is $2.25 for one subway ride. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Metrocard; the guide can help you buy one at the station.

Bottled water is not included. Guests may fill their bottles at certain sites. At least one stop will have water available even for those without bottles.

Meeting Location:
SoHo (New York, NY)

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