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Jodie’s Kitchen Taiwanese Cooking Class

In this introductory class we’ll look at about four recipes for sauces based on flower pepper (Xanthoxylum) and three or four more based on sesame seed. I will tell you how you can use these as the basis of a variety of other dishes, and we will cook a few of them together, and try them. I focus on using vegetables and other natural, healthy ingredients in my classes.

The flower pepper sauce or dressing can be made quickly and easily and you can also use it with entrees or stir-fried dishes. Flower pepper is actually a common ingredient in cuisine from Sichuan and Yunnan in Western China. Chinese people call it flower pepper, but it is also known as xanthoxylum.

Sesame seeds are another very commonly used ingredient, which have a widespread influence throughout Asian food culture too. The sesame sauce is very quick and simple to make, and also very easy to serve with noodles, uncooked vegetables, or meat. Both these flavors, flower pepper and sesame, have been adapted to Taiwanese cuisine and are very popular in Taiwan.

The class will take about four hours.

Class Information

Language: English (Chinese or Taiwanese if required)
Cost: Our price for this standard one day (about 4 hours) class is NT$4,000 for one student (about US$120 or 90 Euros), NT$7,000 for two students, NT$9,000 for three students, and NT$11,000 for four students. Sorry, but we do not offer discounts for these classes.
Normal class size: 1 – 4 students (larger classes may be possible). These are private classes for you and your friends/family/colleagues only.
Time: Classes usually start at 10am or 2pm and last about four hours. We will try to arrange the classes to fit your schedule.
Note: These details apply to the standard classes which you can see on this page. Some custom designed classes or classes with more expensive ingredients may cost more or last longer.

More information

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  1. Food Tour Finder January 5, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    I have taken Jodie’s Dumpling Class and it was fantastic! Not only does Jodie give personal instruction, but she holds the class in her home, so the atmosphere is relaxed and you get to see a part of Taipei that you otherwise might not visit. Highly recommended!

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