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Riad Kaiss & Dar Les Cigognes: The Secrets of Moroccan Cuisine – Marrakech, Morocco

We offer daily cookery classes at both Riad Kaiss and Dar Les Cigognes. Working with one of our three dadas (traditional Moroccan women cooks) or with our head chef (formerly of the Café de la Poste), guests have the opportunity to enjoy the preparation of a dish, learning the techniques, how to use the ingredients. This is typically done ahead of dinner, but can also be designed to suit more specific requests, such as bread making, pastry making, how to make yoghurt, and so on.

We also offer guests the opportunity to join our head chef on his daily rounds of the markets to buy the day’s fresh foods in some of the most colourful markets in Marrakech. For those wishing a more profound introduction to Moroccan cookery, or wishing to learn to make something in particular, please do let us know ahead of time and we will endeavor to cater to your request.

Because we make everything we serve ourselves from scratch, guests are often happy to just watch, particularly when we make our pastries. Some even join in.

A number of professional chefs as well as the curious or passionate amateurs have enjoyed cooking with us over the years, and we hope you will too. If you would like to buy our cook book, you may find the paperback on Amazon.com, or the hardback on Amazon.co.uk.

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One Response to Riad Kaiss & Dar Les Cigognes: The Secrets of Moroccan Cuisine – Marrakech, Morocco

  1. Food Tour Finder March 8, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    I spent a morning cooking with the female chef of Riad Kaiss, who truly has magical hands! We made a pastilla from scratch, including the delicate pastry leaves that are wrapped around it, which I learned to paint onto a skillet with a large paintbrush!

    These are very intimate classes, designed to be one-on-one or for a couple, taught in the riad’s kitchen. It’s possible to request particular dishes that you’d like to learn, rather than cooking set class recipes. I also made a Berber dish that’s considered to be the forerunner of pastilla and the best version of a Moroccan tomato confit “salad” that I’ve ever tasted.

    Be sure to visit the spice shop where both riads buy their ingredients. I went with the delightful Eben Lenderking, who owns the properties. He is also the author of the cookbook mentioned in their listing.

    Either Riad Kaiss or Dar Les Cigognes would be excellent spots to stay in Marrakech. Both are lovely, with very gracious staff. As an added bonus, they provide a list of recommended shops and self-guided tours, which I found to be most useful (go on your own and avoid paying the 30% kickback shops are obliged to give to guides!).

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