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A Chef’s Tour: Bangkok Backstreet Food Tasting Tour

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Don’t leave the fate of your taste buds to chance… go straight for Bangkok’s culinary jugular. Join Chef Nutth on his epic nightly food feast around the city’s maze of alleys to taste hidden street eats you’d never find alone. Trust us, the pad Thai on Khao San Road is nothing to write home about. Gorge on lemongrass infused mussels, rich peanut satay with grilled coconut chicken and ajat relish, the finest Thai curry in the city and over a dozen more lip-smackingly good things at some of the best places to eat in Bangkok.

Kicking off as the afternoon cools, eat your way through the labyrinth of backstreets on the best Bangkok Chinatown food tour, ending on a sugary high along the main strip of Yaowarat Road in all its neon glory.

*Sorry veggies, this one isn’t for you, try our Old Market Hidden Street Eats tour.
*Street food vendors take time off too, so we can’t promise every tour will be the same, but fear not, the night will always be packed with good stuff. 

What’s Included:

4-hour guided walk through the backstreets of Yaowarat

Tastings of the best street food in Bangkok

Great photo opportunities

Refreshing Thai drinks and water

Fully licensed guide (who’s also a chef)

Limited to just 8 exclusive guests each day

Learn about the history and culture of Thai cuisine

The Guide:

Nutth is a foodie, restaurateur, chef, and licensed guide with a passion for Thai cuisine and knows where to eat in Bangkok. He’s been in the game for over 20 years and what he doesn’t know about Thai food isn’t worth knowing. Join him on his epic nightly Bangkok Chinatown food tour.

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Round Table Tours: Vegan Montreal, The Luxury of Well-being – Montreal, Canada

From the fake-meater, to Montreal’s Meat-a-tarian classics without the meat to the raw and living, meet the different sides of the Montreal vegan both casual and chic.  From cultivation to transformation to plate experience different stages of your food. This tour straddles  the abundance in simplicity and the brave new world of innovation informed by ethics. Visit responsible restaurants and connected production sites hearing the stories of the chefs and entrepreneurs. This tour will draw you back into your five senses and this moment of sharing with one another.

The tour includes an appetizer, meal and dessert as well as two innovative drinks, the visit of a production site and a cooking course is available most days of the week. A gastronomic guide will walk you through the food experience and the stories of the chefs, entrepreneurs and businesses. A basic taxi service is included, but customized transportation is recommended like bicycles or electric scooters, for example. Base prices per participant are between $185 and $205 depending on the day of the week and group sizes. Additional drinks, celebration cakes, customized transportation, team-building activities or an end party in a bar are all possible for an additional cost.

Times: Varies depending on the tour

Distance: Always within one or two adjoining neighbourhoods

Age limit: No

Language: French and English

Price: Base prices per participant range between $185 and $205 depending on group sizes. Additional drinks, celebration cakes, customized transportation, team-building activities or an end party in a bar are all possible for an additional cost.   Tours must be reserved and paid 48 hours in advance for individuals and 7 days in advance for groups. No refund in the event of a cancellation.

More info and reservations

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